Toner Cartridges

Toner cartridges are used in Laser printers that is why they are also known as laser toners. It usually consist of carbon, plastic particles, toner powder and the colors used for printing a high end document or an image. The toner is pasted on the paper by electrically charged units and then the paper is rolled in the rollers to finalize the printed document. Laser printers mainly consists of two parts a drum unit which has a useful life of around thirty thousand pages and a toner which lasts around fifteen hundred to three thousand pages depending upon the quality of the toner or the type of prints printed i.e. images or documents. Many manufacturers including Lexmark’s, FUJI, HP, DELL and others recommend to use the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges in your printer they are branded to be genuine and made from generic components that is why many warranties offered by the manufacturers of printers are held void if genuine or branded toner is not used while printing the documents or the images. Genuine toner cartridges are usually expensive as compared to the purchase price of the laser printer. There are also lost cost replacements available for your normal toner which are actually refurbished by adding further toner into the cartridge and then repacking it it can be available for a very little cost as compared to the branded toner cartridges available in the market place.

 A lot of petroleum is also used while manufacturing toner cartridges that is why it isn’t considered to be a very environmentally friendly product. Many manufacturers have taken a stance in this regard like DELL, HP and Lexmark have programs running that collect their used components and re use them for manufacturing toner cartridges which are termed as recycled genuine products you know that the quality is not compromised as the quality assurance departments have very strict procedures the maintain the standard of the toner cartridges to be sent out into the market.

Overall the toner cartridges in Australia are quite capable of printing out a high sharpness documents for your everyday use and are also used in high end industrial usage, from printing documents, images, cloth printing and wallpaper printing toner cartridges have a wide range of applicability and are therefore widely used around the world. The manufacturing process is different among all the manufacturers of toner cartridges that is why there are different qualities available in the market with a price range of your choosing and many toner cartridges that were re used are always not so reliable as they may leak and spoil your prints or even worse damage your printer in the process, it may also require further assistance to clean up and set up the printer again which may present delays in the work at hand being performed. Hence it is recommended that you use genuine toner cartridges and recycle them back to the manufacturers for a better social footprint. For more information, please log on to toner-ink