Setting Up Your New Office

Setting up your new office is exciting whether it is your first office or whether you are simply moving offices. If planned well and done efficiently, you will be able to start working in your new office in no time. First of all, you will need to create a check list of all the things you need to do and a shopping list of all the things you will need to buy for your new office.
Checklist of things you will need to buy

Create a list of things you will need to buy for your new office. While setting up your main things, it is easy to forget smaller things which are just as important, thus creating a list is vital. You will need to purchase furniture for your new office. Think about how many staff you presently have and how many additional staff you may hire within the next year. In addition to furniture you will need to purchase computers and phones for each of your staff. When purchasing your computers, consider buying laptops instead of desktop computers. Although a laptop may be a slightly additional cost, you will have numerous benefits from a laptop over a desktop computer. Make certain to inquire from your store if your laptops have been already installed with virus removal software as constant use is likely to lead to your new equipment being attacked by viruses. You will find that purchasing all your furniture and electronics at once will lead you to spending a lot less as this will entitle you to discounts at your store.
Setting up your equipment
You will need to create a network for all your computers and laptops in order to make file sharing easier. You may attempt to do this yourself if you have basic knowledge of computers or you may have a professional set up your network for you. If your store has not included virus removal software with your computers, you will have to purchase one separately. Purchasing them in bulk for all your computers is likely to lead to a good deal. If you have purchased fixed telephone lines, you will need to create a network for them as well with the facility of calling on extension lines.
Partitioning your office space
If your new office consists of one big room, you will need to partition it to have different office rooms for each of your staff. You may even have a small number of rooms for management and simply build cubicles for the rest of your staff.