How Responsiveness Of Text Messaging Are Measured

No matter what kind of medium is used for marketing, the responsiveness of the same needs to be measured. For those who are availing of different media for getting their message across to the public or targeted customers, they need to understand the effectiveness or the relevance of different media in getting their message across to a target audience. For these reasons text messaging offers several useful features and functions for businesses.

Reaching out to thousands and millions
When a fledgling business is starting off with a limited budget that cuts off advertising on traditional media like billboards and television, one can look at using the mail newsletter technique. This is cost effective and done easily by any entrepreneur without involving manpower or specialized services. All one needs is software that allows bulk messaging to be sent. A simple text message can be composed and sent out to millions within the blink of an eye. Usually a nominal fee needs to be paid to the network service provider or software provider for the services. The same service can be used for a fixed time span by the businesses.

Measuring reach of the communication
Even though a text message reaches out to millions, many businesses wish to understand the percentage of people who receive and view the message. Today the network providers offer facilities by which the receipt notification as well as alerts when the messages are read or deleted from different devices can be tracked. With this kind of tracking software, it is possible to understand the reach and approximate viewer attention received of the sms marketing messages delivered.

Repeated usage of the service
As the service is cheap and can be done within minutes, any business that avails of bulk messaging can opt to use it repeatedly. Hence, the same message can be sent across to registered users from time to time. With repeated broadcast it has been seen that the effectiveness of a message increases as customers are bound to read the message even if they delete the same.

Limitations of the service
Today, many customers view text marketing as spam and unwanted. Hence, most reputed companies and services have stopped using this form of the notification service, except for purchase information and other kinds of vital information to be passed to customers. For simple advertising, this is a method used by fledgling businesses and are often ignored by people. Several people opt to be listed in the “Do Not Disturb” list with their network provider, thus being kept out of the bulk messages that are sent across as ads by different companies. Hence, the appeal of the short message service as an ad medium is reducing for certain businesses.