Escape Room Experience; Business & Learning

Escape rooms are live action based game format, usually played in teams. In past two decades this format of games became widespread popular throughout the world. Escape room Sydney City provide an experience to the players which seems like lifelike and people have to s solves puzzles under time limit to escape the room. The escape room experience provides their players with kick of thrill and excitement. It also helps people to think out of box and work under pressure along other team players. It also help to increase bonding among layers as they were challenged in a closed room to work together to earn their freedom.

Due to providing real like thrill and pressure in  nice virtual reality, these escape room are popular nowadays. To make them more challenging and interesting, the escape room designers use different themes and technical support. Themes like jail breaking, haunting house, science labs are widely in used. As escape rooms are inspired by video games, so story making and situations are mostly fictional. But effort of solving of strings of puzzles makes it challenging and tiresome.  

Currently there is more than 8000 escape room around the globe. Due to higher number of demand, this is turning into of the growing live action based game industry. Initial escape rooms were built by people in their homes or garages which were appropriate enough for the setup. Even many bars and clubs turned their extra space/room into escape room. But due to limited availability of options they were unable to provide same level of game experience as dedicated escape room facility.

Even building an escape room is not much expensive. One can build a basic escape room around $ 10,000 which can be enough to attract certain number of customers. The participation fee ranges from $25-40 per participant for a game length of 1-2 hours. Each game can be played by 8-12 players depending upon the puzzle. So if escape room owner have multiple escape rooms at single facility, they can easily generate handsome revenue on daily basis. Now even corporate companies has been established which are investing and building these facilities in multiple locations. So as number are showing this business seems to get profitable in less time and needs minimum capital investment to kick start.

Even now companies also use escape room experience for training of their employees. As solving puzzles in escape room with certain scenario can help people to work under pressure and make them learn to support their team mates. Tis also help them to build patience to listen their suggestions and acceptance towards other ideas. Experience room can easily teach people that how different people with different mindset can work together to solve problems in real life. Surprisingly it can be done even if all activity is time bound, sometime needs physical and mental endurance. Learning by escape room can easily be implemented in organizational work and teaches team to work in harmony for solving their business problems. Increase ones stamina to listen and respect other opinion.